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Eassy, Secure, Trust
salaam Financial Services

Personal Banking:

Personal Banking means the credit accounts that are liable for unconditional deposit and withdrawal through cheques and other means of withdrawal.

Personal Banking provided by Salaam is either Current Accounts or Saving Accounts.

he account is opened on the following conditions:

Salaam Financial Service is authorized to use the deposited amount in the current accounts if wishes to do so and is obliged to refund same on demand. The current accounts do not bear any risk nor contribute any share in the profit.

SALAAM is not obliged to accept unofficial checks and the account holder is obliged to use checks issued by SALAAM.

The account holder is obliged to withdraw within the Available limit amount and is not allowed to withdraw more than the credit limit. Cheques being deposited are payable only after collection.

The bank issues periodical statements showing activities of the deposits and withdrawals, and the statements, remain correct if the account holder did not object within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the statement. The bank charges fixed amount as ledger fees at the end of each financial year.

The bank is authorized to debit any charges related to a/c holder account.

The bank limits the minimum amount for opening of the account as well as minimum amounts to be deposited late.

The bank issues cheques books for the account holder, against service fees. The bank will not be responsible for the loss of any cheques which were not notified to the bank by either the a/c holder or the beneficiary being issued by the account holder or beneficiary.

I\We undertake not to issue any cheques without sufficient balance and I\we undertake to bear any consequences there of. I\We authorized the bank to debit us any fine imposed by the Central Bank in case of a check without balance, as well as issuing any financial obligations to my\our account in SomaliLand according to the rules and regulations of Bank of Somaliland.
The customer undertakes to keep at least (USD. 50) or its equivalent in SomaliLand Sh. so that he account remains open and the balance can be fully withdrawn only if customer wishes to close his account.

Opening a Current Account with Salaam Financial requires you to be above 15 years, possess legal documents and completing the application form.

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